Other Equipment from StylAir

Condensate Purifier

StylAir Condensate Purifier

Using a patented new technology, the filter modules separate both petroleum and synthetic lubricants/coolants from air compressor condensate. Factory and field tests show discharge from the SCP modules to have less than 10ppm lubricant/coolant. Typical applications for the SCP system are compressor aftercoolers, air dryers, air/oil demisters, coalescing filters, air system droplegs, and other applications that require separation of water from the contaminants.

Dewpoint Monitor

6N Series Digital Dewpoint Monitors (download PDF)

Stable and reliable polymer sensors have been used for relative humidity measurement for decades. Their drawback has been that they were not accurate in very low dewpoint ranges - until now...

StylAir's 6N Series Digital Dewpoint Monitors combine the proven characteristics of long-term stability and rugged design with a far wider operating range. The operating parameters have been expanded to cover applications where measurement of low moisture content is critical to process measurement. This list includes (but is certainly not limited to) industrial and manufacturing processes found in food, metal, paper/wood, pharmaceutical, plastics, oil and gas, petrochem, and other markets.

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