About StylAir, LLC

Thank you for your interest in our products!

StylAir manufactures a complete line of twin-tower desiccant dryers from 1 SCFM to many thousand SCFM. We build heaterless and heat regenerated (electric and steam) models - standard to very custom - all at competitive prices. Much of our work is for engineered systems for air and other gases at standard operating conditions to over 5000 PSIG.

We also have a full line of cycling and non-cycling refrigerated air dryers and chiller equipment when -40°F or lower dewpoints are not required.

When electrical power is not available or if the installation is in a hazardous location, we offer the perfect point-of-use dryers with our practically maintenance free membrane dryers.

We have a full complement of accessories for your air system. We offer filters - coalescing prefilters, particulate afterfilters and carbon adsorber filters. We have condensate traps including intelligent "no-air-loss" electronic drains, float drains, and timed drain valves (standard, high pressure, hazardous locations...)

Our SCP Condensate Purifiers solve the problem of eliminating oily water condensate from compressed air systems - a simple and efficient way of being environmentally correct!

We have replacement desiccants including activated alumina, molecular sieve, silica gels and indicating blue desiccants.

We supply dewpoint monitors and demand systems either integrated with the dryers or as stand-alone instruments.

We build skid-mounted, turnkey air compressor/dryer packages complete with filters, receivers and interconnecting piping.

Feel free to browse our website for more information about our products. Or contact us for any requirement you have for drying and filtration equipment - from shop air to instrument air to process air and gas drying. We look forward to hearing from you!