StylAir's Condensate Purifier

Condensate Purifier

StylAir's Model SCP condensate filtration system is designed to remove lubricant and coolant from air compressor condensate.

Condensate Purifier Schematic Diagram

Using a patented new technology, the filter modules separate both petroleum and synthetic lubricants/coolants from air compressor condensate. Factory and field tests show discharge from the SCP modules to have less than 10ppm lubricant/coolant. Typical applications for the SCP system are compressor aftercoolers, air dryers, air/oil demisters, coalescing filters, air system droplegs, and other applications that require separation of water from the contaminants.

StylAir SCP modules replace old-fashioned, expensive, hard-to-maintain traditional oil-water separators. Competitors' systems may only remove selective contaminants or allow hazardous materials to pass through if an upset occurs. The StylAir SCP modules not only separate the waste material but retain the contaminants for easy disposal.

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The StylAir Condensate Purifiers will effectively remove lubricants/coolants manufactured from base stock such as:

  • PAOs
  • Polyalkel-eneglycols (PAGs)
  • Silicone
  • Diesters and esters
  • Petroleum and super refined petroleum

Some products utilizing these base stocks appear commercially as:

  • Sullair's Sullube 32 and 24KT fluid
  • Ingersoll-Rand's Ultra Coolant
  • Gardner-Denver's Aeon Fluids
  • Quincy's QuinSyn
  • Atlas-Copco's GA, FG, 4K, 8K, and Roto Fluids
  • And many more...

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